*Lindy Hop Workshop mit Gastón & Alba*


Samstag, 13. Juli, von 14:00 bis 17:30 Uhr inkl. kleiner Pausen

Sonntag, 14. Juli, von 11:30h bis 15:00h Uhr inkl. kleiner Pausen

TicketsVVK 80 € auf der Swing Jugend-Webseite

*Level-Voraussetzung:*Dies ist kein Beginner Workshop, er richtet sich
an Lindy Hopper, die seit *mindestens 3-4 Jahren* regelmäßig an einem
Lindy Hop Training teilnehmen und regelmäßig zum Social Dance gehen. Du
hast auch schon an einigen internationalen Workshops teilgenommen. Du
beherrschst alle Lindy Basic-Figuren und kannst diese so sicher führen
bzw.folgen, dass Du auch in der Lage bist, Variationen und Stylings
einzubauen. Du kannst auch zu schnelleren Liedern ohne Probleme einen
Swingout tanzen. Connection und Musicality sind wichtige Elemente Deines
Tanzens. Du lernst neue Moves schnell und liebst es, an technischen
Details und Deinen Basics zu arbeiten.

*Gas*is a passionate dancer who loves Swing and Blues.

He discovered Lindy Hop in 2001 in Buenos Aires. Since then, year after
year, his commitment with the music and the dance has grown, making him
leave his home town to learn and improve as a dancer.From 2006 to 2013
he played a very important role in the development of swing in South

He started teaching in 2008 in Buenos Aires and became an international
teacher in 2009. He has travelled teaching from Rio de Janeiro to
Melbourne, going through New York, London, Stockholm, Berlin, etc. As a
dancer he has been finalist in numerous competitions winning the first
prize at the European Swing Dance Championship, third position in
Showcase and second position in the team division.

He is committed to pass on his passion, his knowledge and also to
inspire all those interested in this incredible world of Jazz Dance.

*Alba*started to dance swing because the swing community was exactly the
time of people she was looking for to start in a new city (Leeds). Alba
feels a passion for all the dances of the swing era: Lindy Hop, Blues,
Balboa and Authentic Jazz, all of which she trains and teaches regularly.

After becoming an addict in 2007 she joined the Leeds Lindy Hop Teachers
Society (UK). She moved to London in 2015, where she taught at Swing
Patrol. Her passion for these dances and the culture that surrounds them
grew on her and she started dreaming with spending more time training,
organizing dance events, etc. In November 2013 she decided to quit her
job as a chemist to follow that dream. She moved to her home city,
Madrid, opened a dance school, and brought international teachers to
help her on her mission (Kenny Nelson, Shorty George, y finally Gastón
Fernández, her current dance partner).

This new career path also means she is being called to teach in lindy
hop, blues and balboa international workshops in Sweden, Barcelona,
Paris, Toulouse, La Guiole, Valencia, New York (USA), Melbourne
(Australia) and lately she has also had the pleasure to teach lindy hop
at Herrang Dance Camp, the main lindy hop event. She is eager to share
with all her students this passion that has taken over her life!

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